Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

A lot of people have blogged about the death of our very own King of Pop.
Well, so I won't blog about how he died and how much he has contribute to the entertainment world..

But I would just like to share with you the lesson that we can learn from his life..

Last time, whenever we heard MJ, we would laugh and joke about him and about his plastic surgery n all..

There's even a joke where this kid ask his mum,
Boy : Mum, is God a man or woman??
Mum : Nope.. God is not man nor woman..
Boy : Hmm.. then is God black or white??
Mum : Son, God is not black nor white either..
Boy : Then is God Michael Jackson?!?

Lets look at the lyrics of the song 'Black or White' that he sang

It don't matter if you're
Black or white.


See, it's not about races
Just places
Where your blood
Comes from
Is where your space is
I've seen the bright
Get duller
I'm not going to spend
My life being a color

He said it doesn't matter, but why did it end up affecting himm?

Usually most people always see white as pure..
When I say angel, what colour would you imagine an angel to be?! White, rite?.. And when I say Evil, as in bad.. you would straight away imagine Black.. Now, who ever told you that white is pure and black is evil?! =.=

The lesson to learn from the life of MJ is, we gotta accept who we really are..
Do not change or try to be somebody else..
Cos you're only cheating yourself.
Just be yourself and stay the same..

There's a quote i found...

Don't change..
unless you're changing for the better..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A long one

last saturday
whole day out.. freakin tired.
started with the hari koperasi day in schl.

i had to be there around 8am with ice-bags!
well, it went on okay..
heard you guys made a profit!

so there we were running up and down the school looking for electricity to plug in the ice cream box..
some of our hands got srsly injured while carrying it =(
so after all that, we sold ice-creams and rootbeer floats.

Ice-creams: first idea was to eat up one of each type of ice-cream. Then use the plastic cover as a menu to walk around and sell.
It didnt do very well as many ppl thought we were selling the plastics. So we diverted to the original plan.

Rootbeer: the cups! we were doing so good till we ran out of cups! but we still managed after that somehow with some help.

then after tht we went cs saw transformers.
man, it felt really good watching it for the 2nd time..

the movie was.. much better than the first one.
a lot more action and comedy.
and they say they're having a sequel to this then?

okay well that's it.
FOA's coming up..
*sketch sketch sketch*

Monday, June 15, 2009

BYEBYE holss..

I know i'm late..
I've abandoned my blog for a very long time.

So.. my holidays, how did it go?

It was either boring, exciting, meaningful, tiring and fun.

You pick :)

It's ended.
Yesterday was its last.

So, first day of school?
It was certainly NOT as i expected it to be :S
With teachers running here and there, too lazy to enter class..
Students grumbling the end of the holidays..
And me groaning with my massive unexpected fever -,-

HAHAHHAHA.. what a day, uh? This day out of all..

I watched 17again! Haha, the typical Zac Efron. Honestly, the movie was funny & kind of nice, but it wouldn't have been the same if he didn't act in it.

Okay, I'll post again sometime when I find something else to post about =)

Oh no.. the holidays! 2 weeks flew, like I expected.
And now it's back to that dreadful sight of the building(s) which is currently officially 'kluster-ified'
See what differences it makes.

So now its time to say goodbye. Bye. And see you. To August.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


1 week of the holidays.
much has happened.

Angels and Demons was a pretty nice movie. Compared to the sequel The Da Vinci Code, which was catastrophical, this was more on action/storyline.
They had srsly changed a LOT of the storyline.. based on the book.
but i enjoyyed it.

btw, i'm currently in sabah now..
wud only be coming back tmrw.
it has been quite eventful so far, not to mention experiencing a life n death situation.
we were like going island hopping.. and we arrived at this Manukan Island.
They had parasailing there, so i said why not?
Unfortunately, while in mid air the boat pulling us ran out of fuel.
so me and my aunt dropped 40 feet into the South China sea!!
It was rather horrifying as i still have glimpses of the trauma.
luckily those bodyguards on-board swam to us and brought us back.

I was only worried if the huge parachute wouldn't sink in the water and pull us in!
But overall, i'm still alive =)

apart frm that, everything's been okay..
just the ever-consuming parasitic emotion, *Boredom* pops in from time to time.


Friday, May 29, 2009


It's here.

The 16 days trail.

mid-term holidays!

Wow, May is gonna end, and june is yet to start?
Time flies.
I still feel as though its still february or march.

Isshh.. now I regret and wished my exams ended right before the hols.
Although its a bit later, you wouldn't get the damn results back before the holidays.

I need 2 more marks for sejarah!! damnit 78%

went to watch terminator today..
the movie was 'okay' as i slept through half of the movie.
christian bale, i just can't stand the sight of his teeth!
smtg wrong la... xD

Barca vs Man-U 2-0.
that should teach ya guys a lesson.

still cant believe it's already the end of May

can't time at least slow down a little for me to enjoy it?

Good night! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

America ain't Heartless..

And just a few weeks ago, we were all going: Kris? Oh...that guy...

The whole season i was watching, and this was one that i never saw coming.

Kris Allen, got crowned as the 'American Idol' for Season 8.

Adam, on the other hand.. was the judge's favorite and expected from many, to win.

Adam Lambert was unlike any other contestant seen on Idol before.
Confident, stylish, theatrical (dramatic at times), great performer and had a great voice. Adam seemed like the most complete package.

As the season went on,he continues giving week after week of good performances (but Ring of Fire was my favorite.. xD).
In fact, his performance of Mad World also received a standing ovation frm Simon, something he usually does only for the winner.

In fact, Kris wasn't even expected to make top13..
Third place Danny Gokey had a great voice, and an inspirational story as well.
Many had expected a Danny-Adam finale.
Maybe now we know where all the Gokey-votes went to for the finals.

Top-3 week!
All i could remember was when Kris took to the stage, singing Kanye West's Heartless.
His acoustic version of the song blew away the judges, the American public and anyone who watched American Idol (myself included).

Then came the long-awaited finals....
it was rather interesting ... with all the oldies coming back like Lionel Richie, Cindy Lauper.. *Steve Martin*.
It was kinda like Night In The Museum 3 =)


Kris Ain't No Sunshine was once again superb,
which made Simon to call the round for Kris even after Adam had done an encore of Mad World.. which i found over-dramatic.
But Adam's strength came finally came true in the end, singing the winner's single, No Boundaries.
It seemed kinda more suited for Adam.

But in the end, Kris won.
Adam might have deserved it (to be honest, in my opinion he did).

But Kris is a very good alternative as well.
I like his originality and his ability to change up the most unlikely of songs into his own version and make it sound damn good. Both were great singers, n both would have had good careers in the future. But in the end, Kris came from behind.. came into his own (especially with Heartless), and like most underdog stories, came out as the champion :D

btw, the finals i supported the both of them =)
but Kris' win was unpredictable.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


short post:


this place has been abandoned for sometime now =(

two more days!

until i'm free ..

yes, exams, end this friday.

the unit peperiksaan ppl have to set all the tough papers at the end, right?

will post more abt it later.




that was fast, the whoole season's grand finale of AI is finally here.

the most awaited..
but most shocking performance frm kris allen's "heartless" made him cut danny and into the finals! xD

man, i gotta admit... he sang it better than the original :D

adam's there too.. as expected.

it would definitely make history if kris wins tomorrow..


Finally they caught up to it.
The 18th win ties them with us..

It'll be all up to next season then :)

We're coming to get you, Man-U.

Next up ...

Watched it twice already.. and planning for a third ;)

I didn't realize a prequel would be so amazingly done.
Can't wait for the next.

P.S Sylar was great xD

Supposed to be in front of a book now.

Btw, one of my fav songs on radio is 1-2-3-4 by the Plain White T's.
Its nice, quite simple, but sweet and quite meaningful actually..

There's only one thing,
To do, Three words,
For you...